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Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Clear Image’s residential and commercial pressure washing services are the ideal solution for removing built up dirt, grime, mildew, and mold from all types of siding, stucco, decking, patios, concrete pads, sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces, whether inside or outside. Driveways, parking lots, perimeter walk-ways, entry stairs, and other surfaces are all subject to heavy soiling and staining. Pressure washing will clean and rejuvenate any hard surface to help you prepare for a party, before listing property for sale, or to simply remove stains, spider webs, and bird or fly droppings. With our careful approach, you won’t have to be concerned about damage to your structure or materials.

We Also Serve the Ag Industry

We also clean equipment for area farmers and auctioneers. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming sale or just want to clean your valuable equipment before storing it, we’d be happy to discuss our services with you. In addition, we can power wash floors and walls in barns and storage buildings.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Clean Image offers both low- and high-pressure washing options to safely clean your surfaces. With over 2 decades of experience behind us, we have the know-how to clean all types of surfaces and materials without damaging them, including steel, wood, glass, concrete, and more. 

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Agricultural Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Municipal Properties
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hospitals